Music Ministry at First Baptist of Inwood
Worship is vital to the life of the church (Jn. 4:23) and music is vital to worship*. Music is also a teaching ministry of the church (Eph. 5:19; Col. 3:16). The Music Ministry at First Baptist includes a choir, worship team, soloists, and small groups which present special music in the church services, as well as musicians who accompany the congregation on hymns and/or soloists and small groups, and play offertories on various keyboard instruments, guitars, percussion, and orchestral instruments. If you play an instrument or sing, and attend our services regularly, this could be a ministry opportunity for you.
*(Ex. 15, 32; I Chron. 16; II Chron. 20, 23, 29; numerous Psalms; several passages in Isaiah and Jeremiah; numerous other passages throughout the Bible)